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Public Safety

About Me

Yu-Ching James Pai was born in Taiwan, to an immigrant family that came to New York City in the early 80’s. His father was a chef, and his mother was a delivery woman. They worked tirelessly to provide their son the opportunity to go to school and college. After working as a hostess, delivery man, and waiter, Pai finally graduated as CPA from Albany University. 


For years, he worked for other companies, acquiring knowledge and experience, to successfully launch his own accounting firm.  As a Public Accountant, he has dedicated more than 15 years of his career to the community. Yu-Ching James Pai is a member of the Flushing Association of Public Accountants. He works with more than 800 local businesses, providing free constituent services and seminars so that they have access to financial relief services and grants to face the global crisis of COVID-19. 

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As a community aid for more than 20 years he has been doing social work in community centers for the elderly, bringing essential products, food, and clothing. As an active member of the Flushing Lions Club, he organized the distribution of gloves, masks, and protective gear for healthcare workers, hospitals, vulnerable immigrant communities, and families in our district.


Yu-Ching James Pai is a worker, a community member, and a family man - married with three beautiful children, a dog named Mochi,  and supports his parents. He understands and pays close attention to the needs of District 20. Yu-Ching James Pai will effectively serve our community.


His professional experience working in a multicultural environment, close relationship with people in the community, shows that it does not matter where we come from but how hard a person works to improve quality of life. 


Tired of poor political decisions to deal with the crises in New York City, Yu-Ching James Pai is running for city councilman in district 20. He is committed to working tirelessly to see local businesses flourish again, improving security, the quality education for children and young adults, better social services for the community and the elderly all by developing real, achievable, and innovative proposals. 

  • Public safety

  • Quality education

  • Cut red tapes and lower taxes, stimulate the economy

  • Support the recovery and development of small businesses

  • Affordable housing

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