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  • 改革開放中求進步

  • 提高居民生活質量

  • 促進社區經濟發展


  • 保護和支持法律執行。

  • 選擇錄取優良學生,進入優質高中學校。

  • 減少複雜繁文的作業手續和降低政府的稅收,增加刺激經濟起飛。

  • 維護社會安定和促進經濟優良條件。

  • 全力支持中小企業恢復正常營業和開發新產品與拓展市場。

  • 建立健全的法律制度方法,用來幫助房東和房客雙方的權益。

  • 推動、提升、促進財政責任。

  • 提高老年人的生活质量。


我们都有权在家中和街道上感到安全, 免受犯罪、毒品、帮派和暴力侵害。是时候建立一个更安全的地区了。 


为此,Yu-Ching James Pai将改善警察社区关系,争取足够的警力,并在警区争取平等的语言机会。


 为了解决警察滥用职权的问题,Yu-Ching James Pai 将提倡迅速独立和 透明调查让警察对他们的行为负责。_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



Multilingual Center Access Point

Our district has stunning cultural and linguistic richness. Different languages can no longer be a barrier to accessing services and community programs that improve our quality of life. Language accessibility needs improvement to facilitate city, state, and federal programs and social services that provide support to our community. 


Yu-Ching James Pai will work hard to create multilingual service centers, where the community can count on the support and guidance of government services to assist with their needs easily and efficiently.


He will also fight for free training in the use of technological translation applications for the community.  Work to develop and expand easy access applications for our seniors and English challenged community. Access to these services will make life easier for community residents. 


Seniors are our heritage, and they helped build our community. It is urgent to provide them quality services. Yu-Ching James Pai will work on expanding affordable housing services for low-income seniors. He will also fight to strengthen and expand social programs and centers for the elderly. He will support and help create senior facilities  that provide comprehensive quality health care services, food, psychological care, and recreational care. He will also advocate for an enhanced training program for primary caregivers so they can better respond to the needs of the elderly.


In the midst of our flawed public school system, we urgently need quality education. That is why Yu-Ching James Pai is committed to the development of real and effective educational strategies that help children and young adults to have better educational standards. Yu-Ching James Pai will work hand in hand with teachers and institutions for after school programs with virtual and face-to-face tutorials. He will also fight to maintain the SHSAT, and the development of programs that increase the quality of educational services, Yu-Ching James Pai will fight to provide free quality prep-programs to prepare for the SHSAT, to facilitate access to secondary schools with specialized programs.


Also, he will fight for the implementation of mentoring and financial aid advisory programs that can be further developed in schools and public libraries. Yu-Ching James Pai will fight to develop a youth employability program in alliance with small businesses and commerce in general to further aid our young generation.

Economy and Small Businesses

As a Certified Public Accountant currently working with more than 800 small businesses in the city, Yu-Ching James Pai knows first-hand the problems and needs that owners, workers and their families face every day, who continue to suffer due to the pandemic and the increase in state regulations. That is why Yu-Ching James Pai will continue to expand the program of free financial consultancies and seminars, ensuring that businesses have access to financial relief services, grants and access to government contracts, which will make it easier for them to prosper and create new jobs that will benefit the community.


He will also fight for more opportunities for the economic recovery of residents by establishing a council of entrepreneurs, where they can receive free advice to open and formalize their businesses. It will also promote the development of business fairs where local businessmen can advertise their products to residents, promoting the revitalization of our local economy.

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